Eindhoven selects partner for city-wide smart light living lab


The Municipality of Eindhoven (Netherlands) has selected the consortium of Philips Nederland B.V./Heijmans Wegen B.V. as the contractual partner that will use Eindhoven as a living lab for the development of intelligent lighting applications in the public space.

This is the provisional result of the Eindhoven Municipal Council’s European tendering procedure (competitive dialogue process) that has been ongoing for the past year and which was based on Eindhoven’s “’Vision and Roadmap Urban Lighting Eindhoven 2030’.

The municipality has a clear goal: to use lighting in the public space in such an innovative way that it contributes to improving the quality of life in the city.

Eindhoven smart lighting tender

The initial contract to be entered into between the municipality and the contract partner will be valid for a period of five years, in a number of selected areas, with the option of extending to 2030 (to include innovative lighting developments in the rest of the city).

The city’s starting point and objective is sustainable, continuous and open innovation, together with collaboration in a living lab approach. The consortium will work with other businesses, knowledge institutions, government and residents on the realisation of a smart lighting grid. Existing products, services and products still to be developed, which will connect to that grid could later be marketed. The consortium plans to begin implementation of the first phase (2015 – 2020) of the Roadmap in five areas: the traffic route John F. Kennedylaan-Eisenhowerlaan, the traffic route Ring and the residential areas of Gijzenrooi, Schrijversbuurt and Woenselse Heide (West).

European tender procedure

In the last year the municipality has been involved, through a European tendering procedure (competitive dialogue process), in talks with three selected market participants. More details about the Roadmap and the tendering procedure at: www.eindhoven.nl/smartlight





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