Design a light path for the LUMINA Light Festival 2018


Do you get lost in the dark? How do you find your way in an unknown environment? Do you follow the stars or the crowd? Are you old fashioned and need a paper map? What if it’s a Light Path?


Art and design professionals and students of all nationalities are invited to submit ideas for a light path to guide visitors through the LUMINA Light Festival 2018 in Cascais, Portugal. The next edition of the festival, an annual event, will take place on 21 – 23 September 2018.

The organisers of the festival – the Municipality of Cascais and OCUBO – have launched the LUMINA Design Contest, with Philippe Starck, visionary creator, as Head of Jury.

The LUMINA Design Contest will award the most creative solution that guides visitors and helps them follow the light path through Cascais and the festival artworks. It should be a creative solution based on light. The keywords of the contest are: subversive, luminous, present, welcoming, poetic, humoristic and sustainable.  The winner will be awarded with 2500€ and will be produced as an important part of the festival.

In addition to Philippe Starck, the LUMINA Design Contest jury will include Jason Bruges (United Kingdom) and Jean-François Zurawik (France), along with Portuguese professionals from the field.

The LUMINA Design Contest will continue for three consecutive years, including the following calls:
2018 Design for Light Path illumination;
2019 Light Signage;
2020 Creation of a Social Work.


Deadline for submission of proposals: 18 May 2018
See the press release here
More information: www.luminadesigncontest.pt


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