Conference on indoor lighting for health and well-being

A conference on lighting for health and well-being will take place in Lund (Sweden) on the 5th of February 2015.  

The conference, organized by Lund University open Innovation Centre and FP7 project SSL-erate, will facilitate a multi-disciplinary dialogue on light and cooperation between regional cities and companies investing in smart indoor lighting systems.

Lighting plays a vital role in our daily lives and light is a key aspect in multi-disciplinary collaboration with a great potential for innovation and “green jobs” creation.  Today it is possible to create dynamic human-centric lighting systems, with significantly better functionality, health and wellbeing characteristics in comparison to traditional lighting.

LUND conferece

The conference will feature UNESCO Secretary for the International Year of Light, Joseph Niemela as well as Ingemar Johansson representing the City of Gothenburg, President of LUCI.

See the full programme here

When: 5 February 2015, 13:00 to 15:00
Where:  Ideon Agora, Scheelevägen 15, 223 70 Lund, Sweden.

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