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How to plan, develop and adapt in Stavanger and the region as we go from Oil City to Smart City


Tone Grindland | Regional Director, Confederation of Norwegian Enterprises

Tone Grindland is regional director of the Norwegian Confederation of Enterprises in Rogaland. Over the last decade, she has been a driving force for economic development in the Stavanger region. She has held leading positions with the City of Stavanger, Greater Stavanger Economic Development and the Stavanger European Office, previously working with the Red Cross and the Norwegian Conflict Council. Grindland is a political scientist with an international university education from five countries. She is frequently invited as a speaker and moderator, and has a particular interest related to new business models, innovation and international coherence. 


Gunnar Edwin Crawford | Head of Stavanger Smart City

Gunnar Edwin Crawford is head of Stavanger Smart City, innovating across public-private boundaries, co-creating the smart city of the future. Gunnar has extensive hands-on experience with innovation and development within the fields of welfare technology, smart homes and smart cities. He is a patent holder, and winner of a CES Innovation award. He has contributed to several EU projects. Crawford’s professional background is within ICT, energy and innovation. Gunnar is co-author of the book « Creating Disruptive Ecosystems » (2016). 


Jane Nilsen Aalhus | Head of Environmental Department, City of Stavanger

Jane Nilsen Aalhus has been head of the environmental department in Stavanger municipality since 2015. She has 16 years industry experience within environment, health and safety, and business development within renewable energy, and 10 years experience within water and waste management in different public organisations.  Aalhus holds a Master of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering.


Eimund Nygaard | CEO, Lyse

Eimund Nygaard is the CEO of the Lyse Group, a position he has held since the establishment of Lyse Group in 1998. Lyse is a Norwegian industrial group operating within the fields of energy and fibre-based broadband. Nygaard graduated in finance/administrative studies.


Public lighting in Stavanger – history, management, operation/maintenance, strategy, projects


Jarl Hoogstad | Product Manager for road and street lighting, Lyse

Jarl Hoogstad is Product Manager for public lighting in Lyse. He is keenly involved in the delivery of lighting products and services. Public lighting should be of high quality with a long life and reliable when residents’ money is used. Hoogstad believes that the right light, in the right place and on at the right time is very important in the public space. The motto must be « Good enough, is not good enough ».


Light in a Norwegian context: Lighting for «hygge», health and wellbeing, facilitating outdoor activities, light and biodiversity


Kristin Bredal | Director, Zenisk

Kristin Bredal is the founder, CEO and Chief Designer of Zenisk, a design office specialised in light plans for urban areas, architectural lighting design, light art, and exhibition design. After attending the Master of Fine Arts program in Theatre Design at Yale University, she began working more and more in urban and architectural projects from 2001. Zenisk was founded in 2009. Bredal holds several awards both as lighting designer for the stage and for architecture and urban space. She got involved in public lighting because of the lack of aesthetics and little care for soul and human wellbeing in the urban environment


Anne Katrine Lycke | Chief Advisor, Stavanger Trekking Association

Anne Katrine Lycke has been working in Stavanger Turistforening since 1995, an outdoor trekking association in Norway. There are two main tasks in her work: one is working with nature management in Rogaland and the other is working to inspire people to experience and enjoy outdoor life close to where they live.  She is educated as cand. Scient geology from the University of Bergen.


Arne Follestad | Research II, Norwegian Institute for Nature Research

Arne Follestad is an ecologist at the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, concerned with conflicts between geese and agriculture, seabirds and effects of human activities and disturbance to birds. This includes a literature review of effects of artificial light on biodiversity, and how this may influence urban ecosystems.


Arve Olsen | Design Director, Light Bureau

Arve Olsen joined Light Bureau in 2009 and has played a key part in the company’s projects ever since.
As a designer, Olsen is focused, rational, but also strongly conceptual. He uses light as a medium of expression and a tool to tell the story of a structure. He puts people first and designs the lighting according to what a person desires and requires of the built environment. He’s a regular guest lecturer in Lighting Design, at the School of Architecture in Oslo and a jury member for the Norwegian Lighting Design Awards.



Temporary and permanent lighting: a multiplicity of uses, from creative event lighting to tunnel lighting and permanent lighting


Viel Bjerkeset Andersen | Visual Artist, Sculptor and Designer, Oslo

Viel Bjerkeset Andersen is a Norwegian visual artist and sculptor mainly working with site specific art projects. Over the years, she has been involved in several projects within public art, and due to innovation and her ability to bring projects to fruition, they are both interesting and relevant. She has been ground breaking in the field of art in infrastructure in Norway.