Timing and speakers subject to change

Wednesday 22 April 2020


LUCI Executive Committee Meeting and Lunch
(for LUCI Executive Committee members only)


Working Groups on LUCI Pillars
(for LUCI members only)
Timing to be announced

19:30   Welcome Reception hosted by the City of Stavanger
Venue: Ledaal Manor House, Eiganesveien 45, 4009 Stavanger

21:00   Walking Tour of various Stavanger lighting projects

Thursday 23 April 2020

Venue: Tou Scene, Kvitsøygata 25, 4014 Stavanger

9:00   Coffee and Registration

9:30   Opening of the LUCI City under Microscope Stavanger

Morning Session

How to plan, develop and adapt in Stavanger and the region as we go from Oil City to Smart City

Stavanger has evolved from a shipping and canning city to Norway’s oil capital. This has affected the city. The decline in oil prices has given both Stavanger and the region major challenges. Challenges provide new opportunities – Stavanger and the region have chosen to meet the challenges by focusing on smart solutions. Could this be the new oil? A roadmap has been prepared for Stavanger’s work towards becoming a smart city. Stavanger has also set high climate targets. The use of clean energy in the transport sector will be important to achieve these goals.



9:45     What is Stavanger? The growth, the challenges, and the ambitions

Gunn Jorunn Aasland, Director of Urban and Community Planning, City of Stavanger

10:05     The power of Norwegian industry – adapting to new times

Tone Grindland, Regional Director, Confederation of Norwegian Enterprises

10:25     Stavanger as a Smart City: What we are doing

              Gunnar Edwin Crawford, Head of Stavanger Smart City 

11:10     Innovations for Smart City development

              Trond Thorbjørnsen, Senior Business Developer at R&D, Lyse

11:30     Coffee break

12.00     Stavanger’s climate and environmental plan

Jane Nilsen Aalhus, Head of Environmental Department, City of Stavanger

12:25      Go electric!

Eimund Nygaard, CEO, Lyse

13:00-14:30      Lunch

Afternoon session

Public lighting in Stavanger – history, management, operation/maintenance, strategy, projects

Stavanger put in place its first street lighting in 1865. The municipality later established a power station to secure electricity for the city’s needs including street lighting. The municipality manages street lighting, while operation and maintenance is carried out by an inter-municipal company.
The municipality has prepared a technical lighting standard and a comprehensive replacement programme is underway for LED. Lighting includes not only street lighting, but also other lighting projects which is an important part of the lighting strategy for Stavanger’s city centre.


14:30     Streetlights in Stavanger: a historical overview

Hanne Windsholt, Head of the Cultural Heritage Management Office, City of Stavanger

14:45     Streetlighting in Stavanger: Facts, figures, ownership and strategy

Leidulf Skjørestad, Director of Urban Environment and Development, City of Stavanger

15:10     Managing streetlights in Stavanger and 11 other municipalities in the region

Jarl Hoogstad, Product Manager for road and street lighting, Lyse

15:40     Coffee break

16:10     A lighting strategy for the city centre of Stavanger: process and results

Nevena Kovacevic, Lighting designer, Zenisk

16:40     Lighting of the main square and Tivolifjellet

Halvor Næss, Lighting designer, Halvor Næss

17:00     Free time

19:30     Dinner

21:00     Light Excursion (details coming soon)

Friday 24 April 2020

Venue: Tou Scene, Kvitsøygata 25, 4014 Stavanger

8:30     Coffee

Morning Session

Light in a Norwegian context: Lighting for «hygge», health and wellbeing, facilitating outdoor activities, light and biodiversity

Norway is located far to the north where we have a long and dark winter period. How is light and dark experienced and how does it affect us? Stavanger’s focus on developing and preserving high quality green infrastructure provides for outdoor activities and experiences throughout the year, including during the winter. With light, nature can be explored and experienced in a different way when nights are long and days are short. How does artificial light in the dark affect nature and what should we think about in this context?


9:00     Light in the Norwegian context

Kristin Bredal, Director, Zenisk

9:40     Lighting green infrastructure for citizens’ health

Torgeir E. Sørensen, Parks and Roads Manager, City of Stavanger

10:10     Light is magic: great experiences outside in the dark

Anne Katrine Lycke , Chief Advisor, Stavanger Trekking Association

10:30     Coffee break

11:00     Light and nature: the impact of light on nature

Arne Follestad, Research II, Norwegian Institute for Nature Research

11:30     Less light, greater experiences

Arve Olsen, Design Director, Light Bureau

11:45     Panel discussion – Light and nature: Finding the balance

12:15-13:45     Lunch

Afternoon session

Temporary and permanent lighting: a multiplicity of uses, from creative event lighting to tunnel lighting and permanent lighting

Light can be a powerful instrument. It can be a catalyst in urban development and with new technology, special effects can be created that increase the city’s experiential value. In tunnel projects, light can increase a driver’s attention and thus safety. The Norwegian Lighting Association will present some of the award winning projects from the yearly competition «Norsk Lyspris».

13:45     “Vinterlys”: Light as an urban catalyst

Tina Aksnes, Architect Urban and Community Planning, City of Stavanger

14:05     Screen City in Stavanger: the first Nordic art biennial dedicated to the moving image

14:25      Norway, the land of long tunnels: using light to enhance drivers’ concentration: The “Ryfast Project”

Viel Bjerkeset Andersen, Visual Artist, Sculptor and Designer, Oslo

14:45     Awarded Lyskulturs- Best Norwegian Lighting projects and products

                Katia Valerie Banoun, Managing Director at Lyskultur, Norwegian Light and Lighting Association


15:10     Coffee break

15:40     LUCI Announcements

16:30     Free time

19:00     Dinner


Saturday 25 April 2020

10:00-15:00     Boat tour into the spectacular Lysefjorden and visit of Lysebotn power station

Participants will have the opportunity to take a boat tour to discover the spectacular Lysefjorden and end the tour with a visit of Lyse’s Lysebotn power station.

Register soon, limited spots available!


Timing and speakers subject to change
 Photos @City of Stavanger; @LUCI