14:00 – 15:10, Friday 22 April


The lighting strategy of Alingsås


  • 14.00    Alingsås lighting masterplan
    Kjell Hult, Strategic Development Manager, City of Alingsås
    During 15 years of lighting design workshops, Alingsås has developed knowledge and experience in public lighting. Kjell will present how this experience was formalized into the Alingsås Lighting Master Plan. This Plan is both a guide on lighting design and a manual on how to think, plan and implement lighting. It includes chapters on town shape, links, nodes, entrances, landmarks, parks and water as well as topics such as safety, city branding, etc.


  • 14.30    Lights in Alingsås – a strategy linking education and event lighting
    Margaretha Stenmark and Angelica Larsson, Project Managers, Lights in Alingsås festival, City of Alingsås
    Margaretha Stenmark and Angelica Larsson are the project managers of Europe’s largest educational lighting event. Lights in Alingsås sets a great example on the flourishing effects that a lighting design workshop can have on the daily life of a small-scale town during the dark month of October. Through this presentation, the audience will find out more about the process of organising a light festival, and learn the story of how Lights in Alingsås grew from a small workshop in 1999 to the internationally-known and award-winning exhibition that it is today.


  • 15.00    Q&A