11:00 – 12:30, Thursday 21 April



Public lighting in Gothenburg – history, strategy and management


  • 11.00    Historical overview – street lighting in Gothenburg
     Mona Hellman, Lighting Engineer, ÅF lighting
    The first gas network for street lighting in Gothenburg was built in 1846, and it was the first of its kind in Sweden at the time. In 1920, prior to the 300th year jubilee of the city, an architecture competition took place to find “the new look of Gothenburg’s street lighting”. The focus of this session will be on the result of this competition and the progress to the lighting of today.


  • 11.20    Gothenburg by night –  sustainable lighting strategy and management
    Lars Ocklund, Head of Street Lighting, Traffic and Public transport Authority, City of Gothenburg
    Urban lighting is a major tool for Gothenburg to meet the challenges of tomorrow with large central infrastructure projects, and a constantly rising number of inhabitants in an increasingly dense city. After sharing facts and figures on Gothenburg’s current lighting equipment, Lars will explain the need for state-of-the-art technical development and innovative solutions. He will refer to the long, dark winter months in Sweden, and underline how lighting and light maintenance must be integrated in the early stages of urban planning.


  • 11.50    Policy for urban development and lighting in public spaces
    Helena Bjarnegård, Head Landscape Architect, City of Gothenburg and Daniel Sjölund, Civil engineer, City of Gothenburg Urban Transport Administration
    This presentation will explain Gothenburg’s public realm policy with a focus on urban lighting. The goals and strategies defined in this policy document concern the city development process: from planning to building and maintaining outdoor spaces. One of the key issues is to make people who work along this long process talk to each other and work towards the same objectives.


  • 12.10    Q&A