9:00 – 10:40, Friday 22 April


Outstanding lighting projects in Gothenburg and perspectives for the future


  • 9.00    Smart cities – Gothenburg today and tomorrow
    Mathias Leimalm, Senior Project Manager IT & traffic solutions, SWECO
    This session will present the development of street lighting control in Gothenburg from time relay control to different intelligent street lighting systems that are connected to a single control and maintenance system. Mathias will present the possibilities offered by the system: how to use collected information, how to connect the system with other sources of information and, for example, adapt lighting to various situations or events.


  • 9.20    Light programme for cultural and heritage buildings in Gothenburg
    Lars Fredén, Architect and Lighting Designer, Ljus & Form Design
    While every building was given its own identification through lighting in the past, the need for common guidelines and strategies has grown over the years. About thirty identified buildings were analyzed with regard to their location, function, existing lighting, as well as the type of activities they host, their environment, the surrounding lighting and facade materials. This presentation will focus on how, on the basis of this work, buildings were divided into three major groups, leading to different lighting characteristics that take into account the significance of each building.


  • 9.40    Identity, creativity and learning by lights – involving youth in urban development
    Kajsa Sperling, Architect and Lighting Designer and Christina Vildinge, Designer, White Arkitekter
    During this session, Kajsa and Christina will focus on two different projects. Kajsa will demonstrate how light can strengthen the identity of an area and increase the feeling of security by involving citizens in the design process. Christina will share insights from Light Lab for Children, a pedagogical space where light unites art and science in an exploratory way that stimulate learning, meetings and meaning making.


  • 10.10    Financing a sustainable city – inspiration for innovative financing methods
    Magnus Borelius, Finance Director, City of Gothenburg
    This presentation will draw attention to how cities can finance their expansion in a green and sustainable way. The concept of green bonds was launched by the World Bank in 2008. It aims to raise capital to fund initiatives that contribute to sustainable development. Green bonds can be one of the tools to achieve cities’ environmental and climate goals. Last year, the City of Gothenburg sold its very first green bond of 500 million SEK, becoming the first city in the world to issue a green bond.


  • 10.30    Q&A