Urban lighting in Turin

The P.R.I.C – “Piano regolatore dell’illuminazione comunale” (City Lighting Plan) and of the P.L.D. – “Piano della luce decorativa” (Decorative Lighting Plan), were developed by the Enviroment Town Councillor Enzo Lavolta, with the help of IREN, the local electric supplier. The P.R.I.C answers the need for good lighting – essential for urban safety and energy saving – while the P.L.D. aims at enhancing architectonic and environmental landscapes by renewing 96.000 light sources (streetlamps, traffic and flashing lights, luminous roadsigns, monument lighting, etc.) in ten districts in Turin and restoring the historical and typical ones.

Therefore these two documents aim above all at warranting electricity and safety in every corner of the city, optimising the economic management of the whole electrical system and cutting down the light pollution and the running costs through the use of high-efficiency and long-life lamps, such as LED ones, as a replacement for incandescent lamps.

The plan was updated by IREN and the City in 2010 and it points out the main guidelines about planning private and public external electrical systems according to the most recent legislation about security of bikers and car traffic at night, management economy, promotion of the night view of Turin, energy saving, reduction of light pollution, coordination services from the view point of urban fabric.

Every year, from late October to mid-January, it hosts the Luci d’Artista light art festival, now in its 26th year.

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