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Seoul Metropolitan Government

South Korea

Urban lighting in Seoul Metropolitan Government

In 2018, Seoul Metropolitan Government established the 2030 Seoul Urban Light Master Plan to provide a consistent management plan for spatial, decoration, and advertising lighting.

With the vision of being ‘a city of light created by citizens,’ Seoul established three goals to create a beautiful nightscape that considers citizens as the principle agent of light, urban space as the target of light, and light infrastructure as the system of light.

  • Number of lighting points: 649 446

Seoul Metropolitan Government in LUCI


Member of LUCI since 2007


Executive Committee member since 2010

  • Voting Member I Since 2010
  • 1st LUCI Vice President Represented by Jaewon Lee, Vice Mayor of Seoul I 2016-2018
  • President of LUCI I Represented by Hee Seon Jin, Vice Mayor II of Seoul I 2018-2020
  • Vice President for Asia I Successively represented by Hak-Jin Kim, Hoon Ryu and Je-Hyun Han – 2nd Vice Mayors I From 2020 to 2026

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