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Urban lighting in Guangzhou

The City of Guangzhou is responsible for street lighting, decorative and architectural lighting, lighting for sports facilities and festive lighting.

The maintenance is outsourced through a call for tender. A complete, pragmatic and achievable plan for maintenance works and statistics management is set up. The maintenance team checks the public lighting network according to a fixed schedule.

One of the objectives set by the City regarding maintenance work is to further the efforts made on solving safety issues, including prevention of vandalism and other unpredictable incidents.

Some street lighting projects in the main districts of the city are outsourced as well as part of Huangpu District street lighting and other rural street lighting projects.

  • Number of lighting points: Around 200 000

  • Creative lighting in Guangzhou

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©Chen Kai Han, Guangzhou Pearl River; ©Landsky Lighting, Guangzhou South-North Central Axis; ©City of Guangzhou