Urban lighting in Geneva

The City of Geneva has revised its lighting plan for 2021. The aim of this revision is to take better account of the essential issues linked to the preservation of biodiversity, while at the same time improving the lighting that accompanies soft mobility.

In order to identify priority areas for biodiversity, a black grid has been integrated, and forms the basis of all the recommendations made in this new lighting master plan. The city has also just published a reproducible methodology for prioritizing the restoration of areas of conflict between artificial lighting and potential chiropteran corridors.

The main challenge of this document is to offer the various communes solutions ranging from the most sober to the most technological proposals, enabling them to draw on the results of a global participative approach (a long-term project involving the City and Canton departments, as well as city consultations) without having to do it themselves.

  • Number of lighting points: 22 000

  • Creative lighting in Geneva:

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