Call for temporary light art in Perth

The City of Perth (Australia) is seeking creative proposals for its Lighthouse 2015 programme.

Lighthouse is a project designed to create light based artworks on one of Perth’s main landmarks to visit after dark, the Council House, using the existing external lighting infrastructure.

The countless patterns, sequences, intensity, movement and rhythmic compositions, as well as the building design, informs the artists’ approach to the work.

Trevor Richards, Lighthouse, 2015.  Image courtesy of Neil Wallace 2

Artists are invited to submit proposals for projects to be delivered for a maximum commission value of $7,500.  Potential artists can download the  Council House Lighting Template, which will be used by the City of Perth’s lighting contractor to program the system, on the project website.

The works will be featured throughout the months of October and November 2015.

More information and artist brief here

Deadline: 27 July 2015


 Trevor Richards, Lighthouse, 2015. Image courtesy of Neil Wallace
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