Call for expert on smart urban lighting

LUCI is seeking an expert on smart urban lighting.

The expert will work with LUCI to support the writing of a White Paper on Smart Urban Lighting within the framework of the SMART-SPACE project.

The aim of this policy White Paper on Smart Urban Lighting is to provide local policy makers with information on smart lighting developments in the general smart city context, to help them understand the various angles of this complex issue and ask themselves the right questions in order to take the initial steps for an “enlightened” decision for their cities.

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Deadline for submission of applications: noon CEST 15 August 2020

Please note:
If you have not gotten an email from LUCI acknowledging reception of your application, kindly re-send it to luci@luciassociation.org

About the SMART-SPACE project
Smart-Space is an Interreg North-West Europe Project aiming to facilitate the uptake of smart lighting in small/mid-size municipalities to enhance energy-efficiency and reduce CO2 emission. Smart-Space brings together end-users (cities & citizens) and innovation stakeholders (research institutes, SMEs & enterprises) from NL, BE, FR and IE to work jointly on this objective. On the long-term, Smart-Space will result in the widespread uptake of smart lighting technologies to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emission across North West Europe.
Go to the SMART-SPACE project webpage for more details.

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