Call for concepts – Vinterljus Winter Lights 2020 in Linköping


The City of Linköping in Sweden invites artists and designers in lighting, video and set design to become inspired to create something creative, fun, innovative, exiting and brilliant for this year´s edition of Vinterljus, Winter Lights, taking place on 13 December 2020 to 3 January 2021.

Linköping has been working on winter light arrangement since 2005. It aims to give the city’s inhabitants and visitors a beautiful and spectacular backdrop for their personal Christmas celebrations, reinforce the sense of Linköping as an exciting and welcoming city, and create a bubbling inner city that combines culture and technology in a challenging and inspiring way.

Vinterljus has been a success over the years, having encouraged people to discover new parts of the city.

The main locations for the installations this year will be around the river in the inner city, and this year’s theme is “Elements”.

Linköpings municipality is calling for tenders for light installations of Vinterljus 2020 that are based on a completely free interpretation of the concept of the “Elements”


Download the full call for concept 2020 and its annexes 

Tenders must be submitted online at:



The deadline for submitting tenders is 28 May 2020.







Images © City of Linköping, “Vermell”, 2019, created by Mid (Spain); and “Skärmtid”, 2019, created by Tekniska verken and artist Mika Liffner together with students from schools around Linköping


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