Call for cities interested in light and health & wellbeing


What are the concrete impacts of urban lighting on health and wellbeing in cities?


As part of our work within the Health and Wellbeing pillar LUCI has joined a project proposal called “ENLIGHTENme – Innovative policies for improving citizen’s health and wellbeing addressing artificial lighting” – on the Horizon research Programme of the European Union.

The proposal is led by the university of Bologna and potentially involves almost 20 other partners comprising cities and research institutes across Europe.


If the project is accepted, LUCI will notably lead a working and advisory group of cities interested in thinking together how urban lighting can affect health & wellbeing in our cities, give feedback, and test the project’s outcomes.

We invite you to support this project proposal by sending us a letter of interest linked to this topic and the potential working group.

This is an opportunity for LUCI member cities worldwide to work together learn, share their needs and feedback on this important topic !




Image courtesy City of Albertslund, Daily Snow Leth









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