Thursday 23 April


iMapp Bucharest 555 festival – large-scale mapping for the Parliament Palace


Ema Stoica, Head of Cultural Projects Service, CreArt – the municipal centre for creation, art and tradition


The iMapp project highlighted the Parliament building through video-mapping installations that projected complex 3D images on the 5500 m3 facade of the building. 104 intelligent projectors were used to illuminate the large facade of the Parliament. It was one of the finalists of the Best Live Events section of the EMEA Inavation Awards 2015.


Ema Stoica graduated from the National School of Political Science and Public Administration. She has a Master’s degree in Public Sector Management from the National School of Political and Administrative Studies.
Since 2007, she has initiated and coordinated projects and cultural programmes of local, regional, national and international interest and has contributed to the development of cultural, educational and social partnerships.

CM Bucharest speaker Ema Stoica