Bright Brussels 2022 is Here: Organizers Announce Call for Tenders

The call for tenders for the 2022 edition of the Bright Brussels, Festival of Light has been launched!

Bright Brussels is an event organised by visit.brussels, the Brussels Tourism Agency, on the initiative of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region. The latter is a member of the LUCI network.

Each year, Bright Brussels aims to make the visitors (re)discover the rich heritage of Brussels neighbourhoods through the magic of light!

The next edition of the Festival will take place from Thursday 10 February to Sunday 13 February 2022. The installations will be visible to the public from 7.00 pm to 11.30 pm.

All profiles are welcome: lighting designers, architects, designers and artists from all backgrounds. Other than the specific requirements for certain locations, generally speaking there is no particular theme. Each candidate must submit a proposal for the assessment of the Jury, consisting of the conceptualisation of a light installation that is both technically complete and achievable in accordance with the current legislation.

Last year, at the 2020 Lyon Light Festival Forum, Nathalie Tilmant from visit.brussels presented the festival. Take a look! 👇

Please note: This call for tenders is open until 30 September 2021 – 08:00.

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