Best Practice: Tallinn (Estonia)

LED test street project



The purpose of the test project was to give to the LED manufacturers a chance to show their lamps in the city streets and to prove their suitability with technical needs and economy. The objective for the end of the project is to establish a common understanding on what is possible today regarding LED outdoor lighting and what is not.


Objective / concept

By the end of project, we would like to develop abilities to have common understanding for engineers, designers and also municipalities, on how to plan, design and construct LED streetlight objects.


Impacts (economical, social, in terms of sustainable development…)

• LED in street lighting isn’t energy effective compared with modern gas solution lamps
• Using LED lights in parks, in pedestrian sidewalks and bicycle roads are energy efficient
• The cold light of most of the LED outdoor luminaires is good as regards luminous efficiency, but some people are feeling uncomfortably themselves in a cold light. Luminaires with warmer light are also needed. Their luminous efficiency should be higher as well
• Bright light is flux dazzling. Currently applicable glare indices are not fit to assess the glare of LED luminaires.


Project at a glance:

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