Award for Stavanger new light plan

The City of Stavanger light plan was awarded the Norwegian Lighting Prize “Norsk lyspris” 2020 in Oslo on 11 November.

The new lighting master plan for the city centre, prepared by the City of Stavanger in collaboration with lighting design agency Zenisk AS, aims to create an attractive city centre in the dark hours. It shows how the city can welcome change, while enhancing its identity, safety and wellbeing in synergy with an urban development that emphasises walkability and pedestrian experience.

The lighting plan was awarded by the jury for its masterful analysis and structuration of a complex project area. The plan has captured the character of the various districts in a lighting scheme that points out a strategic direction for the city’s lighting in future years.

Claus Petersen, Project Manager at the City of Stavanger, highlighted the good and broad collaboration the municipality has had with the actors in the city in preparing the light plan:

Many good players have contributed to the lighting plan. In my eyes, that is what has made it so successful.

The City of Stavanger conducted a workshop and night walks with residents and other local citizen groups in order to better understand their needs and get their input in the lighting strategy. 

The Norwegian Lighting Prize, organised by the non-profit organization Lyskultur, was awarded at a digital event at DOGA in Oslo.

Image © Zenisk, City of Stavanger

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