Webinar “The Collaborative Night: Where Light and Cities Meet” on 27 July

The webinar “The Collaborative Night: Where Light and Cities Meet” took place on 27 July 2020.  

Organized by the IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) in partnership with LUCI, the webinar featured lighting designer Leni Schwendinger addressing issues such as:

– How urban lighting can help cities face upcoming challenges
– Why we need better nighttime design in cities
– Why interdisciplinary and international collaboration on light is key as we move into the future.

Date: 27 July 2020
Time: US & Canada Local Time 18:00 EDT 

The Collaborative Night: Where Light and Cities Meet

Municipalities are responsible for their citizens! With this in mind, we will take a fresh look at night as a place. Nighttime can be safe or scary, poetic or lonely, celebratory or bleak. To address these realities and perceptions, people are the focus of nighttime design, a new field of study.
Lighting designers are familiar with collaborative processes. Team design is critical for the complexities of structures and site creation. Less known are the benefits of city-to-city cooperation to share research, experience, best practices, and precedents for better illumination after dark. Case studies on the benefits of city collaborations will be unveiled.
You are welcome to join this presentation to learn about activating streets, sidewalks and public spaces with light, essential for a thriving 24/7 world.

This webinar was within the framework of the IES “Light for Life” initiative.

“Light for Life” is a global conversation about the impact of light on the lives of humans, plants, and animals. As hosts of this collaborative webinar series, the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) has facilitated 17 webinars over the course of two days, with 15 partner organizations from around the world. Each organization has curated their own webinar in the series shaping the discussion of “Light for Life” with unique perspectives from all 7 continents.  More information on this series:  https://www.ies.org/events/light-for-life-a-global-collaboration/

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Image © City of Paris, photo Henri Garat
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