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VNISI is the leading Russian national research center for lighting engineering. This center specializes in knowledge-intensive problem solving in the fields of theory, methods, technology and standardization of lighting, developing high performance lighting fixtures and illumination devices, developing lighting systems for military lighting equipment and space technology.

Starting with its foundation in 1951 VNISI has been conducting basic and applied research, design and engineering works in various areas of lighting engineering. This work includes finding lighting solutions for unique objects, constructing lighting equipment for different purpose (ranging from street lighting to a series of lighting equipment for spaceships), introducing new energy-efficient light sources, and developing scientific and regulatory frameworks in lighting engineering.


General Director: Anna G. Shakhparunyants. Phd

Manager of international cooperation Julia Glorio ( glorio@vnisi.ru)
Head of International cooperation Dept. Pavel Fedorishchev ( fpa@vnisi.ru)

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