A regional workshop on sustainable urban lighting targeted at Asian cities in the LUCI network and beyond will be organised by LUCI, the City of Seoul and CityNet on 29 – 30 June 2017 in Seoul, S. Korea.

The workshop aims to provide public lighting decision-makers an overview of the opportunities and benefits of sustainable urban lighting.

It will be a unique opportunity to meet and learn from urban lighting experts and engage in peer to peer knowledge, transfer and exchange of good practices and solutions. This will be enabled especially through group discussions and analysis, interactive work sessions, networking and site visits.

Key learning objectives are the following:

  • Understand the opportunities and benefits of sustainable, well-planned urban lighting
    Understand the cost-saving effects of energy-efficient street lighting
    Understand other benefits such as improved and attractive public spaces, social cohesion, reinforcing city identity, positive effects on local economy, etc.
    Identify areas of action and improvement in urban lighting in their cities
  • Get an overview of the implementation process towards renewed lighting
    Explore options and technologies available for street lighting renewal such as retro-fitting, LEDs, intelligent lighting, off-grid solar streetlights, etc.
    Explore urban lighting financing options in the region and innovative financial models
    Learn from good practices, lessons learned and innovative solutions from other cities worldwide
  • Get an idea of the role of urban lighting in smart city concepts and how to process the digital transition in lighting
    What do we expect from future lighting?
    How do we identify and share citizen’s needs and ideas?
    How to accelerate existing and future knowledge (Roadmapping)?
    How to strengthen collective knowledge & network connections?
  • Establish new partnerships, facilitate city-to-city cooperation and similar initiatives after the workshop

Workshop Program (TBC)

Module 1 (DAY 1)
  • Overview presentation on urban lighting: issues and potential
  • Participants present street lighting in their city: achievements and challenges
  • Presentation of good practices and projects from cities
  • Identification of areas of action and improvement in each city
  • Site visit in Seoul + Networking
Module 2 (DAY 2)
  • Financing urban lighting
  • Interactive road-mapping session
  • Short presentations by workshop sponsors and Q&A session
  • Site visit in Seoul + Networking
  • Modules will be moderated by LUCI and City Net, led by international experts from the Seoul Urban
  • Light Policy Division and the Eindhoven Lighting Roadmap.
Please note, the program is subject to change. Further details and updates will be available on the workshop website soon.

Get more details about the workshop concept and preliminary programme here

Practical information


Seoul Metropolitan Government: Seoul is a dynamic and attractive mega-city with a population of 10 billion people that has a history of over 600 years as a capital city, cutting-edge information technology and a wonderful natural environment. http://english.seoul.go.kr/

CityNet: City Net is the largest association of cities and urban stakeholders committed to sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region. http://citynet-ap.org/

LUCI: Created in 2002, LUCI (Lighting Urban Community International) brings together 73 municipalities on 5 continents engaged in using light as a tool for sustainable urban development. It also includes over 40 lighting professionals and companies as associated members.

Image copyright Seoul Metropolitan Government