Amsterdam Light Festival

Amsterdam Light Festival and its social and environmental aspects

Felix Guttmann
, President, Amsterdam Light Festival


This presentation will introduce the Amsterdam Light Festival; the origin, the why and the how.  Lighting design is becoming increasingly high-tech, interactive and smart, and countless innovations and dramatic energy savings can be realized in this field. The Amsterdam Light Festival makes this evolution visible. Felix will not only highlight the environmental sustainability aspects of the event but also the social dimensions of the festival.


Felix Guttmann is a successful entrepreneur in tourism. His most renowned venture is the Canal Company, which has grown to be the market leader in one of Europe’s top attractions, the Amsterdam canal cruise industry. He is a frontrunner in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) field: Canal Company was the first in Europe to introduce clean CNG-engines in its boats in the early nineties. He is the initiator and chairman of the Amsterdam Light Festival.

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