Thursday 18 September – 9:45



Albertslund – a triple helix Living Lab for lighting and smart city


Anne Marie Holt Christensen, Head of City & Environment in Albertslund Municipality, M.Arch

Jacob Lundgaard, Programme Manager, Albertslund Municipality


Built in 10 years in the 1960’s, the city of Albertslund is a young municipality based on the ideals of the welfare state, political engagement and town planning on a human scale. Albertslund has a strong tradition of leading the way with innovative and ambitious green solutions. Through triple helix partnerships with leading companies and researchers, Albertslund today offers itself as a living lab for demonstrating tomorrow’s solutions for sustainable cities and green business development. In recent years, focus has been especially on developing a large scale living lab for intelligent lighting and smart city solutions.




Anne Marie Holt Christensen is head of the unit responsible for developing Albertslund on the basis of its existing qualities: green areas, well-functioning dwellings, and an innovative and citizen-based approach to city development. Anne Marie holds a Masters degree in Strategic City Planning and has for the last 7 years worked with city planning and climate issues in Albertslund Municipality.





Jacob Lundgaard leads the transition of Albertslund’s largest industrial area into Copenhagen Photonics Science Park. He is experienced in public-private innovation and partnerships – bringing together cities, private companies and knowledge institutions in the field of energy and climate. He is former Director of Denmark’s largest city-driven triple-helix organisation Gate 21.