Wednesday, 25 September – Pre-conference Meetings


Venue: Fuyue Hotel Shanghai

13:00 LUCI Executive Committee (for Executive Committee Members only) Conference room 5, 3rd floor

15:15 LUCI Social Cohesion Pillar – Working Group Meeting (for LUCI city members only) Conference room 5, 3rd floor

16:30 LUCI Governance Pillar – Working Group Meeting (for LUCI city members only) Conference room 5, 3rd floor


Wednesday, 25 September

19:00 AGM Welcome Dinner

Thursday, 26 September

Venue: Fuyue Hotel Shanghai

9:00 Registration and Coffee Hotel lobby, 1st floor

9:30 Official Opening of the LUCI Annual General Meeting Fuyue Hall 1 and 2, 3rd floor

The LUCI Annual General Meeting will officially open with welcoming remarks by the city government leader of Shanghai and Hee Seon Jin, President of LUCI and Vice Mayor II of Seoul Metropolitan Government

10:00 Landscape Lighting – the Name Card of Shanghai
Fuyue Hall 1 and 2, 3rd floor

Learn about the concepts and practices of Shanghai to promote tourism development through landscape lighting while further serving urban development. You will hear about the urban development master plan, the tourism development of Shanghai, light planning of the whole city, the HuangPu River landscape lighting plan and the implementation of the Bund lighting project.

  • Landscape Lighting, the Name Card of Shanghai 
    • Miao Jun, Deputy Counsel of Shanghai Landscaping & City Appearance Administrative Bureau

Shanghai began to implement landscape lighting construction in the late 1980s. Over the past 30 years, with the development of economic and social undertakings, urban landscape lighting in Shanghai has developed rapidly. The urban night scene has become a beautiful landscape in Shanghai, attracting guests from home and abroad, making an indispensable contribution to promoting the social and economic development of Shanghai and improving the competitiveness of the city.

  • Shanghai 2035 – A Global City Pursuing Excellence
    • Fan Yu, Vice Director of Comprehensive Planning Department of Shanghai Urban Planning & State Resources Bureau

The Shanghai Master Plan «Shanghai 2035» (2017-2035) marks the third round of urban master planning approved by the State Council. This master plan represents a framework document guiding the future development of Shanghai. This presentation will shed light on the formulation history, core concepts and main contents of “Shanghai 2035”, and on the prospect of the development path of Shanghai’s pursuit of becoming a global excellent city.

  • Shanghai, an Ideal Destination for Your Trip
    • Patrick Chen, Director of Marketing and Promotion Department of Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism

Shanghai, as the economic, financial, transportation and cultural centre of China, is a window and bridge for communication between China and the world, while also an ideal tourist destination. Here, you can not only experience the modern atmosphere of an international metropolis, but also feel the long-standing traditional Chinese culture.

  • Landscape Light Planning of Shanghai City—Practices and Experience
    • Yuan Qiao, Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Fudan University/Director of Lighting Design, Shanghai Fudan Institute of Planning and Architectural Design

This presentation will introduce the purpose, characteristics, and main achievements of Shanghai landscape light planning and the practical experience of Shanghai landscape lighting construction guided by this plan in recent years.

  • Bright Pujiang, Wonderful Night 
    • Ding Qinhua, Director of Landscape Management Department, Shanghai Landscaping & City Appearance Administrative Bureau

Through the perspective of landscape lighting, this presentation tells about the story of the past and present night scenes of Huangpu River, and describes the 30-year dreamchasing journey of lighting practitioners shaping the global night scene landmarks, focusing on the ideas, strategies and specific practices of the quality improvement of the night scene of Huangpu River.

  • Craftsmanship Creates the Unique Bund 
    • Tao Zhen, Responsible for Operations of Shanghai Landscape Lighting Monitoring Center, Senior Engineer

In the recent night view optimisation project along the Huangpu River, craftsmanship is reflected in all areas from scheme design, lamp customisation, installation and construction to centralised control, thus reflecting the overall positioning of “International Style, Chinese Soul, Shanghai Characteristics”, presenting a refreshing and unique Shanghai- style night scene to the world.


12:30-14:00 Lunch Xinxiang Yuan, 1st floor, Fuyue Hotel

14:00 The Mission of Urban Lighting – Creating Livable and Lovable Nightscapes
Fuyue Hall 1 and 2, 3rd floor

One of the core missions of urban lighting today is to deliver lighting projects that aim both at making the city more livable for residents and lovable for tourists. City representatives and experts from around the world will explain the strategies behind these projects, exploring how to strike a balance between the essential need to increase the quality of life for residents, while at the same improving the experience for tourists and visitors.

  • Lyon’s Nightscape : Leveraging the City’s Attractiveness
    • Thierry Marsick, Director of Urban Lighting Department, City of Lyon
    • Amandine Serol, Project Manager to Karine Dognin-Sauze, International Relations

Historically, Lyon’s development has been driven by its commercial ties with the world. Through a balanced urban strategy, the city has used light to develop its identity along with a rich and diverse ecosystem of stakeholders.

  • Seoul Light by Seoulite, the City Lighting Challenge and its Implications
    • Sungde Hong, Urban Lighting Advisor of Seoul , President of KALD (Korea Association of Lighting Designers)

The 2018 new urban lighting policy, “2030 Seoul Lighting Master Plan”, was prepared to reflect the changing urban environment domestically and abroad. The presentation will include the overview of this master plan along with representative lighting design projects.

  • To shape the Image of the City by Light
    • Yu Fei, Director of Landscape Department of Hangzhou Urban Management Bureau

The butterfly effect brought by urban landscape lighting has attracted the attention of many, and the landscape improvement work has been emphasised by all levels of governments, and also brought benefits to more groups. From the perspective of the manager, this presentation ponders on how to properly evaluate the performance of landscape lighting so that the works can stand the test of history and the judgment of the people.

  • Urban Lighting and Human Health
    • Hao Luoxi, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor of College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University, Vice President of CIE (Commission Internationale de l’éclairage), Vice President of CIES (China Illuminating Engineering Society)

This presentation focuses on the explosive spread of city landscape lighting and light pollution problems caused by excessive lighting, analyses the multiple influences and serious consequences brought by it to human health and Earth’s ecosystems, discusses how to recover urban natural and cultural landscapes, to follow the strategy of developing a livable, pro-business, pro-tourism city and describes new healthy residential lighting initiatives.


15:30-16:00 Coffee Break

16:00 Design and Innovation: Learning from Shanghai’s Partners
Fuyue Hall 1 and 2, 3rd floor

  • Sustainable and Green Lighting
    • Zhang Huajun, Founder and Chairman of Emperyland Smart Energy Group

This presentation will feature the possibility and diversity of urban lighting from a brand-new perspective. With the insight from several classic cases in Shanghai, it shows the beauty and multiple functions of urban lighting. The future will embrace lower carbon, greener, more energy-efficient and sustainable urban lighting.

  • Shining a River, Pulsing the World
    • Lin Zhiming, President and Executive Director of BPI, Director of CIES (China Illuminating Engineers Society)

Lin Zhiming will review the historical study of Shanghai and discovery of Huangpu River and how the design of a unique and world-leading lighting culture for Shanghai helps to make Shanghai an excellent global city.

  • Control, the Core of Intelligent Lighting
    • Wang Gang, Founder of Shanghai Grand Light Co., Ltd

Over the past 20 years, city landscape lighting has developed rapidly in parallel with the widespread use of LED illumination applications. The easy adjustability of new illumination brings infinite possibilities of lighting effects, and control becomes the core of intelligent lighting. Lighting control systems not only help switch among different kinds of scene effects, but also help manage construction operation by application of RDMX signal monitoring and feedback technology.

  • Details Make the Difference
    • Claire Sun, General Manager of Shanghai Luoman Lighting Technology Inc.

The new nightscape along Huangpu River is admired by many residents and tourists. Extra attention to the details during design and execution leads to the success of the project. Claire Sun will share various details about the implementation of the project, including how to utilise existing facilities and balance the requirements of different parties.

  • Dynamic LED lighting sets the gold standard in Shanghai
    • Jim Anderson, Global Market Segment Manager, Signify

Signify partnered with the City of Shanghai and lighting designers to determine how best to meet the design objectives and deliver the lighting systems to illuminate the historic facades and bridges of the Bund. Jim Anderson will discuss some of the aspects of this partnership and the challenges encountered.


17:30 Free time


18:00 Dinner
Fuyue Hall 1 and 2, 3rd floor



19:45 Cruise ship visit of the Huangpu River light scene
Meet in hotel lobby to take the bus

Friday, 27 September

9:30 Coffee and Group Photo
Fuyue Hall 2, 3rd floor

10:00 Open Conference Sessions
Fuyue Hall 1 and 3, 3rd floor

The LUCI Open Conference Sessions give cities and lighting professionals the opportunity to showcase their lighting strategy, projects and other initiatives and exchange with an international audience. Organised in parallel tracks, each presentation session will last approximately 20 minutes.

For a list of presentations, click here.

13:00 Lunch
Xinxiang Yuan, 1st floor, Fuyue Hotel


14:30 LUCI General Assembly (for LUCI members only)

This is the opportunity for LUCI members to learn about the network’s ongoing and future activities. Upcoming events, projects and new perspectives will be presented.

17:30 Free Time


18:30 LUCI AGM Gala Dinner
Fuyue Hall 1 and 2, 3rd floor


21:00 Light Tour of Guangfulin Ruins Park lighting project

Saturday, 28 September (Optional Programme)

9:00 Visit of the Bund, Nanjing East Road pedestrian street, and Yuyuan Garden