The citizens of Rabat join me in welcoming you  to  our  City  of  Light!  Moroccans  and  citizens  of   Rabat   are   well-known   for   their   welcoming culture and their spontaneous generosity!

With  over  700 000  inhabitants,  Rabat  is  a  city  with  multiple  facets.  Its  coastal  position  has  made    Rabat    a    beacon    shining    nationally,  continentally,  and  internationally:  it  is  a  sustainable  city,  declared  a  green city in 2010; a touristic and cultural city; a city of knowledge; a city  labelled  as  a  UNESCO  world  heritage  site  in  2012;  and  most  recently,  a  city  moving  forward  with  various  key  projects  within  a comprehensive   programme   initiated   by   HM   King   Mohammed   VI, entitled “Rabat City of Light, Cultural Capital of Morocco.”

Public  lighting  represents  a  large  part  of  a  city’s  budget,  but  today,  innovative   materials   and   proven   technologies   help   to   enhance efficiency  of  lighting  infrastructure  and  can  help  reduce  energy consumption over time. Since  my  arrival  at  the  head  of  the  City  of  Rabat,  I  have  been  continually  interested  in  the  topic  of  urban  lighting:  heritage  sites, cultural sites, and historic monuments, with the goal of contributing  to  a  new  night-time  attractiveness,  ensuring  the  security  of  visitors  and  citizens,  contributing  to  tourism  development  while  attempting  to reduce our energy bill. This is a compelling challenge and we have  started to mobilise!

We  are  pleased  to  invite  you  to  attend  the  LUCI  Annual  General  Meeting  in  Rabat,  from  31  October  to  3  November  2018,  as  an opportunity to share your experiences and successes, exchange best practices,  and  uncover  progress  made  in  this  field  by  various  cities around the world. A rich programme awaits you!

Our  unique  city  looks  forward  to  welcoming  you  with  open  arms!

I  wish  you  a  fruitful  stay  in  Rabat  and  look  forward  to  seeing  you  very soon!

Mohamed SADIKI
President of the City Council of Rabat