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LUCI offers cities spaces to exchange experience and know-how by organising events, conferences and meetings around the world. Complete list of LUCI events here!

LUCI Annual General Meeting

The LUCI Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the international forum for cities on urban lighting. It brings together city representatives and lighting professionals for the LUCI General Assembly. It is also the opportunity to attend conferences, working group meetings, open conference sessions, and to discover the host city and its lighting policy.
The next AGM will be held in Rabat (Morocco).

City under Microscope

The LUCI City under Microscope (CM) offers the opportunity for participants to discover the lighting strategy of a member city over a two-day period. This type of event is characterised by field visits and technical conferences on urban lighting.
The next City under Microscope will be held in Toulouse (France).

Lyon Light Festival Forum

The Lyon Light Festival Forum (LLFF) brings together municipal representatives, artists, lighting designers and other light festival professionals, to discuss the issues related to temporary and event lighting , with conferences and receptions.
The last LLFF was held from 6 to 8 December 2017.

LUCI Regional Events

In 2017, LUCI organised for the first time two regional events.
The Conference on Urban Lighting in West African Cities brought together in Dakar elected city officials and municipal lighting professionals from African cities.
The Urban Lighting Workshop for Asian Cities in Seoul, provided public lighting decision-makers from the region an overview of the opportunities and benefits of sustainable urban lighting.
The next edition of the workshop will be held in June 2018.




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