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Philips is No.1 in the global lighting market, a position supported by leadership in innovation. Philips Lighting strives to improve people’s life with effective and appealing lighting solutions based on a thorough understanding of people’s needs, desires and aspirations. It wants to be recognised by all its stakeholders as setting the pace in the lighting industry, as the best partner to do business with, as the best company to work for and as a responsible corporate citizen contributing to the sustainability of society at large.

In recent years lighting has become more than simply a means of ensuring security and visibility; it is now regarded as an essential component of town planning. The design elements, technology and effect of lighting can be considered as vital ingredients for personalising and humanising the city and thus improving the quality of urban life.

It is with this in mind that Philips has created in 2003 the International City-People-Light Award. Over the past few years Philips has been engaged in a process of exploring how lighting can develop and improve the quality of city life, the objective being to stretch the intellectual and creative boundaries towards more innovative and relevant solutions. This research programme brings together the three key notions of city, people and light in one comprehensive approach.

Jaap van der Linden
Senior Manager Business Segment Marketing, Urban Inspiration
Philips Lighting, Professional Lighting Solutions EMEA
Building EDW6 Mathildelaan 1, 5611 BD Eindhoven, The Netherlands
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