International Cooperation

LUCI City Support Service

Bringing support to developing cities in their urban lighting initiatives


The LUCI City Support Service seeks to provide assistance to cities from developing countries* that require support conceiving and /or implementing their new city lighting strategies and initiatives.

With its network of over 65 cities from around the world, LUCI brings together voluntary lighting experts and professionals with extensive experience in various domains of urban lighting.

Cities from developing countries that are members of LUCI can directly and concretely benefit from this wealth of knowledge through LUCI City Support.



Coordinated by the LUCI Commission on International Solidarity, this assistance may consist of:


1. Advice of a LUCI expert on:

  • strategic urban lighting choices
  • a particular urban lighting project
  • a question related to the management of the public lighting network
  • a temporary lighting event


2. Bringing support to a municipality in the development of its lighting strategy by:

  • assisting in the elaboration of project specifications and tenders
  • assisting in the selection of the project team (lighting designers, etc.)
  • follow-up during the implementation of the project/strategy
  • participation in the steering committee of the project/strategy


If you would like to receive/apply for LUCI support, please fill in the LUCI Support Request Form as well as the Public Lighting Survey and send them to luci@luciassociation.org.


The LUCI team will get back to you with more information on how to proceed.
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* cities in countries with a GNP less than 2000$